12695 S Lakeshore Rd

Rarely do deals like this come along. 12695 S Lakeshore Rd these two homes have a great location near Kelly’s Resort. They were listed for $499,000 and recently had a $64,000 price drop. That is right two homes for the price of one only $435,000.

13000 S Lakeshore RD

This fantastic home located at 13000 S Lakeshore Rd on Lake Chelan is listed $699,000 from the lower level, you walk right out at waters edge. The 2552 sqft home offers 3 bedrooms and 3.25 baths. This homes should move fast.

Opportunities usually doesn’t hang around for long!



Even though we typically do have over 300 days of sunshine each year at Lake Chelan, this week we have had an inversion holding in low clouds.

That hasn’t damped anyone’s spirits in looking at properties though.  Even last week, without any big events, many of us in the office were booked with showings.

With Winterfest the next two weekends, it should be a busy time at Lake Chelan!  Let me know if I can help you with any local real estate.


Having a look at the two maps, it seems we could replace most of the census with a satellite image, if population is all we are measuring:

NASA light map versus Census dot map

Wouldn’t it be interesting to also see a map showing public ownership of lands?  I bet that would take up most of the dark areas.


Here it is, New Year’s again.  It is the time pundits for everything make predictions about the coming year.  Real estate is no exception.

If I go back to last year’s predictions, the overall expectation was continued growth in home sales and a slowing of price appreciation.  It was sort of right, price appreciation slowed, from double digits in most of the country to around 4.6%.  Seattle managed an 11% gain in 2014 nonetheless.  Home sales volume actually dropped off in the latter part of 2014, helping cool price increases.

So, don’t be surprised that this year the pundits are expecting “growth in home sales.”  At least this year the expectation is for even more moderate price growth than last year.  One thing I do think they have correct is that demand for new, or newer homes, will be up.

Enjoy ringing in the New Year!  If you have real estate needs in the Lake Chelan area, don’t worry about the pundits.  What really matters is what is going on right here in our own, Lake Chelan market.  The news is actually pretty good in that there are reasonable opportunities for both buyers and sellers to get their real estate transactions taken care of for 2015.  If you need a trustworthy real estate guide, I would be honored!



Have a marvelous Christmas!  Our Lake Chelan Christmas doesn’t look like it will have snow, although that magic might still happen.

It really doesn’t matter though, the love of the season is the real magic.  May you have a magical Christmas as well!



Apartment rents in Seattle rose by over 8%, or about $100 in the last year.  That trend might not continue because in the last quarter rents fell by $5 and vacancies went up to 4.55%.

You can find scads of calculators and articles that make a “buy versus rent” analysis.  The problem with any of them is they only take a snapshot at a point in time.

Over the long term, it makes a basic kind of sense that buying should be less expensive than renting.   Renting allows no build-up of equity.  Landlords are in the business to make a profit that owners of their homes do not have to pay.  That is basic, common sense.

I continue to be amazed at how low interest rates are.  If you take a long term look at housing, that could be the biggest factor in favor of buying in the near term from a financial perspective.  However, buying a home needs to be something that serves you well both financially and otherwise.

I am happy to help you take a look at whether buying a home, or selling your current home, is really going a win for you.  Either way, make 2015 a happy and prosperous year!


If you haven’t heard about Governor Inslee’s proposed capital gains tax and how it applies to owning your home, you will hardly believe he pledged not to raise taxes when he campaigned.  Further, you will laugh at how his proposed taxes, including increasing energy prices for everyone, only hit the “1%.”

Read about how Governor Inslee plans to tax you heavily when you sell your home!


Fannie Mae expects a fourth quarter this year that is weaker than the third quarter.  Overall, the mortgage giant calls 2014 a “lackluster” year.

Fannie Mae Chief Economist Doug Duncan said “the housing market is likely to continue its gradual climb upward next year after a subpar 2014.We anticipate a fairly strong increase in housing starts in response to stronger employment and some improvement in related household incomes. As a result, that may help to unfold some of the suppressed household formation numbers and incent builders to meet some of that increased demand.”

Fannie Mae projects total housing starts will rise 22% and total home sales increase 5% in 2015.  Mortgage originations are expected to increase slightly to $1.13 trillion.  As for what really happens in 2015 we can talk about this time next year.


Redfin has published another study showing why winter is the best time to list your home if you want to get the highest price and sell in the shortest time.

Redfin’s study found that listing in December, January, February and March gives sellers a higher chance overall than if their homes were listed anytime during the June to November period.  Surprisingly to many, December listings had the highest percentage of above asking priced sales for the entire year at 17%.

February was tops for quick sales, with with 66% of homes studies selling within 90 days.

The seasonal differences aren’t huge, but if you were thinking that real estate hibernated during the winter and your chances of selling were slim, you ought to think again!


Key Bay Bank Owned Lot for sale

The last two weeks have seen quite a bit of foreclosure activity for the Lake Chelan market.  The FREE Lake Chelan Foreclosure report has had 2 new bank owned properties listed, 6 new trustee sale notices and one new short sale listing.  That is a bunch for this area and may be folks working to get things done before the typical holiday hiatus.

If you have been looking for a deal on a spectacular Lake Chelan lot, I listed a bank owned lot in Key Bay at 121 North Shore Drive.  This is a wonderful lot the home to be built on it would have fantastic Lake Chelan views.  Plus, the community has a shared waterfront beach park, marina, mooring buoys and pool!  A lot is a less desirable location sold for over $180,000 last month.  This lot is only listed at $140,000!  You would enjoy that pool and beach.  Hurry…